Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quicken 2009 - A patching engine error has occurred.

Quicken automatically downloaded R7 patch, and when I tried to run it, I got "A patching engine error has occurred." I basically ignored the patch and thought I could live without it. But the problem is that every time I sny'c up all my accounts, "Update Quicken" window keeps popping up, and it's annoying to constantly click on "Cancel" button. I remember the same thing happening with last year version - 2008, and I smells a rat now. Why is this annoying error happening near the end of year? Last year, it was so annoying that I ended up upgrading to new Quicken version. Are they intentionally making this annoying "bug" in the system so that they can sell more new versions? Today, I finally look up Quicken support, and this article lists possible solutions. #1 is not an issue. My Quicken is already on C drive. #2 is not an issue either though my Temp folder is 500+ MB. #3 manual download and install does the job! One less annoying thing in life. I'm pissy enough that I might not be updating Quicken this year.

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